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The Me-We Project activities – A productive first year

The first year of the project was dedicated to gain insight into: the profiles, needs and preferences of adolescent young carers in six European countries (Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and UK); the legislation, policy and service frameworks that exist…

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“Heavy burdens on small shoulders - when children care for relatives”, a film by Helen Arnet How does 12 years old Sarah cope with everyday life while her mother suffers from polyarthritis? What household tasks does she perform that go…

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Schwere Last auf schmalen Schultern

Wie meistert die 12-jährige Sarah ihren Alltag, wenn ihre Mutter stark an Polyarthritis leidet? Welche Aufgaben im Haushalt übernimmt sie, die über das «normale Mass» an Ämtli hinausgehen? Hat der 15-jährige Joël manchmal das Gefühl, zu kurz zu kommen neben seinen Brüdern Alain (17)…

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