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Carers stories
Am I a carer?
Combining education with care
The ups and downs
Looking after yourself
Dealing with bullies
Growing up as a carer
How to communicate
Communicate with friends and peers
Dreaming about your future
Who can help?
Join the community

This booklet has been realised in the framework of the ME-WE project, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 754702.

It is a collective work of the ME-WE project partners.

Most of the stories shared in this booklet are personal experiences of young/young adult/former young carers members of the Eurocarers Young Carers Working Group, a community of experts by experience from different countries, who have joined their forces to influence mind-sets, policies and practices so that young carers can be identified, supported and listened to.

On behalf of the ME-WE project partners, thank you to the members of the Eurocarers Young Carers Working Group for their commitment and enthusiasm in contributing to this initiative, by sharing their stories and their advices.

To strengthen the co-design approach of the booklet, the ME-WE project partners have also engaged with young carers from their networks or from the Blended Learning Networks (i.e. “communities of practice” involving AYCs and relevant stakeholders). Thank you to these young/young adult carers for their invaluable input.

This booklet has also taken inspiration from very helpful resources, such as:

Young carers companion, Information booklet for Young Carers, Family Carers Ireland

Website and Guidebook for young carers, Mike Raynor, former young carer from UK

ReachOut, Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents

All these different stakeholders have worked together towards a common mission: empower young carers to pursue their goals in life and to thrive!
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