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Things We Do to Look After Ourselves

Here is a list of things we do to look after ourselves:

  • Talking to friends at school

Rudy, 11 years old – My friends at school know I am a young carer and about my learning difficulties, so they are helpful to talk to. Some friends have come with me from Primary school and some are new friends at Secondary school.

Lee, 9 years old – I don’t have friends I can talk to about being a carer at school, but I like talking to people at the Young Carer’s Centre.

  • Choir
  • Dancing
  • Cooking desserts
  • Eating fruit
  • Listening to 80’s songs on my phone
  • Watching Goonies and Stranger Things
  • Social media but it depends what you use it for. It’s good for speaking to friends and playing games
  • Watching TV
  • Spending time with animals
  • Support from family members


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