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The Me-We Project activities – A productive first year

The first year of the project was dedicated to gain insight into:

  • the profiles, needs and preferences of adolescent young carers in six European countries (Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and UK);
  • the legislation, policy and service frameworks that exist to support adolescent young carers in the six countries (with a focus on how they work in practice, their strengths and limitations and the drivers in their development); and
  • successful strategies to support young carers.

An online survey, literature review and a series of interviews with key experts were carried out to that end.

Do you want to know the research findings and policy implications of these activities?

Watch the short video related to the online survey.

Watch a short video related to the analysis of legislative and policy frameworks.

Watch a short video related to the review of successful practices to support young carers.

The co-design approach of the Me-We Project: the experience of Blended Learning Networks as a way to engage with young carers

In line with the co-design approach that informs the ME-We project, all partners have set up Blended Learning Networks, i.e. heterogeneous ‘communities of practice’ involving adolescent young carers and relevant stakeholders. The main objective is to establish a continuous participatory involvement of AYCs and stakeholders in the co-design and the development of country interventions (including the design and development of a new mobile app enhancing national interventions and enabling professional and peer support at a distance).

In order to present in a concrete way the co-design approach that informs the Me-We Project, the members of the BLN in the Netherlands have developed a lively video, whereby they present the work they have been doing and their feedback on this innovative experience. See the video below.


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