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TOGETHER Project: Awareness Raising Materials And Workshops For Young Carers And Their Families

TOGETHER project: awareness raising materials and workshops for young carers and their families

The Erasmus+ funded TOGETHER project aims to raise awareness on young carers and to support them and their families.

Caring activity during childhood and adolescence can have adverse impacts on health outcomes, social activity, educational engagement and employment opportunities for young carers.

For these reasons TOGETHER project ultimate goal is to have a positive effect on families where a young member and caregiving responsibilities co-exist, in order to prevent/reduce the negative impacts on him/her, as well as improve his/her well-being, social inclusion and community engagement.

To reach these goals in the last months the project consortium worked on the creation of resources (leaflets, posters, booklets, cards, bookmarks) to raise awareness at different levels:

  • To young carers about the importance of understanding more about their parent or family member’s illness, discuss it in the family, and find supportive adults to talk to;
  • To parents and family members to help them understand how caring for someone who has an illness, disability, mental or addiction problem, can affect young people and their lives;
  • To professionals working with young people to raise awareness and help them understand the impact of young caring and what could they do to support young carers using a whole family approach.

Each partner created their own resources according to national needs and specificities.

More details are available in the Project Newsletter.

Have a look at the resources developed by the UK partner and let us know what you think about them! Throughout the pilot stage, we are gathering as much feedback as possible on these resources. Please let us know your thoughts on these, whether you are a practitioner, young carer or family member.

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